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How to use Bambizo as babysitter or nanny

I am a parent

More than 11,000 families or babysitters and nannies are using Bambizo to find their counterpart. With Bambizo, you can find a family for whom to babysit fast and easily.


1. Add your information

Add a photo to your profile that you would also use on your resume, along with information about your experience, availability, and babysitting cost. You'll see the families who most closely fit you based on your filters.


2. Explore family profiles

Visit the family's profile if you find them appealing to learn more about their circumstances. To determine if it's a good fit, read about their children and what they value in a nanny or babysitter.


3. Set up meetings

Send a message to the parents you like the most. In addition, you can arrange a video conference with them. Ask to meet them and their children in person if you like them. You can determine whether it's a good fit after the interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bambizo is a platform that connects babysitters and parents. Parents can find babysitters and nannies in their region, while babysitters can sign up to connect with parents and find families to babysit for.

No. When registering at Bambizo, it is with no obligations. It is free and commitment-free. Also, at any given time it is your choice to agree or not for interviews with parents, babysitters etc. The arranging is free and up to you.

Bambizo is purely a platform to find babysitters and babysitting jobs. It is possible for anybody to register and send messages to parents/babysitters. That means we don’t screen people at Bambizo. However, we do make checks for inappropriate texts and more. It is the responsibility of the parents and babysitters to select people who match what they look for at Bambizo. We advise every user to be careful in regards to that selection. We recommend asking for references and doing interviews. This way you can assure that you get a complete picture of a potential babysitter or family.

“I looked for a flexible job, and I found three great families for whom to babysit”

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